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Thank a Woman, or Get the Gas Face

Today’s Gas Face Victim: Every man who did not thank the ladies in his life on International Women’s Day.

Much can be said about the sometimes frivolous national days posted on the calendar—like national candy appreciation day—but some of them are far more serious to take for granted. Today, the ladies deserve their just due.

We held down women in this country longer than we held back slavery. Even male slaves did not want to see females as equals and we are just seven years away from the hundredth anniversary of a woman’s right to vote. Men have done their woman wrong for a long long time. Why not remember them and give them the focus on the still long hard fight for women’s equality in the world?

Bear this in mind: There are still tribes that give woman circumcisions so that they can’t enjoy sex—ever. Woman are being stoned in the world as we speak for wanting to share their views on politics and social action. Many of us are still deaf to these cries of equality.

If you have a penis, and did not take your hand off of it for a moment to thank a woman in your life, then gas face is definitely given to you. Women are able to endure more pain than you on a monthly basis, they have given birth to every living creature on the planet, and still have time to make us feel like we have things in control when they really run the world.

Thank a woman today, and get your ass off this list!

Feel good, ladies, today is all about you.

Love is love,

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