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Gas Face Given to MC Serch?!

Gas face this week is self deprecating.

It goes to me, for not going to SXSW—or at least sending my daughters and wife.

My whole camp is down there: Boldy James, Sneakas, CED, as well as my BMG partners, Zach Katz and Lydia. It would have been smart to have Serchlite represented by me, too, but I got lazy and decided not to go. My daughter, who works for me, should have been down there scouting acts, but she had this annoying thing called “school” that my wife says takes something called “priority”—whatever that means.

Anyway, I know it was great and I will have video of the performances to put up soon, but my laziness and my kids’ school is getting in the way of my publishing pursuits.

You know I’m kidding right?

What about you, who do you wanna give the Gas Face to?

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  1. Currently? I’d probably give the Gas Face to the creators of Fruity Loops for not having a Mac version out yet. C’mon!!! Gas Face given.

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