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Gas Face Given to the eviction process at the University of Central Florida

Today for Gas Face Friday: The Gas Face goes to…
The eviction process at the University of Central Florida.

Let me ask you a question, people. What is wrong with this paragraph? It is from the Orlando Sentinel:

“James Oliver Seevakumaran, 30, was found in his dorm room in Tower 1, a seven-story structure near the UCF Arena. He died from a single shot to the head fired by one of his newly purchased guns, police said.” (full story)

James had devised an evil scheme to shoot, bomb and kill innocent students at UCF this week, and was foiled by his roommate, who—once he saw the arsenal that James had built—called the police. James, instead of hurting others, did the right thing and hurt himself, saving maybe hundreds. Still don’t know what’s wrong with the above paragraph? The student, James Oliver Seevakumaran, was living at the dorm and was 30 YEARS OLD!!!!

I understand that the real world, to a college student, is a scary place filled with horrors, such as jobs, paying bills, getting a real apartment and all the other horrific things that befall a college graduate, but this should not mean that a college should not put an age limit on who can live in a dorm. Especially when that student: A) has not taken a class in over a year; B) has not paid his dorm room fees in over 7 months. And when do RAs not check large bags that old ass students bring into the tower? This dude had built up an arsenal including rifles, bombs, rocket launchers, and several hand guns and magazines of bullets. Which brings me to my next point. How big was this dorm room that his roommate did not notice this dude creating an arsenal in their room?!?! My daughter, who goes to Univ. of Miami, cannot hide a peanut from her roommate their room is so small. In fact, they have to coordinate who gets out of bed first so they don’t bump into each other.

UCF, you need to get your game together. You are about to be the largest college in the US (55,000 and counting) so you need to make sure that your students that are not taking classes are keeping it moving. Since when is a school so big that it can let a guy slide rent free for seven months? And what’s worse, my son wants to go there and study film. I am not nervous, because I am sure that when it is time for him to go to school every college in the world will have air-tight new restrictions on dorm rooms.

I have not posted anything else in a minute, so for that I am sorry and I will try to be more active so if you have someone you want to give the Gas Face to, please be my guest.


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