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Gas Face given to…who cares?! 3rd Bass Plans Reunion Tour!

Hope you had a great week, my family and friends. Thanks to the many of you who have put up your suggestions for Gas Face candidates. Many of you wanted me to give the face to North Korea. The news of their alleged strikes into South Korea is certainly newsworthy, but let’s be honest: do you think that the Democratic powers in the world would not jump at the chance to protect South Korea as well as take down one of the last bastions of communism? I have heard that if North Korea would strike it would take the US about three days to nullify the strike and about three months to overthrow the government. Then all those converted communists would be turned into consumers and they would be buying things in bulkā€”as soon as they got jobs at McDonalds.

Then there’s the coach from Rutgers basketball team. I would prefer to not give him any more light than this: he abused his authority and is a poor excuse for a coach. I heard one of my boys say to me that we could not hear what he was saying to the players when he was throwing the balls at them, hitting them with the blocking cushion, but that does not matter. Frustration should not equal abuse.

Anyway these are all good choices but I want to go with…


Here is the other news:

3rd Bass has reunited


After 15 years Pete, Rich and I have decided to start doing some shows in preparation for next year’s 25th anniversary of The Cactus Album.

We got some shows lined up in Arizona, Los Angeles and Orlando, with other shows in the works.

Ok that’s it for now

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