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Gas Face Friday, the Birthday Edition

The birthday edition? (I’ll explain later)

I reached out to many of you asked who deserved it for this week. Many of you still wanted North Korea to receive it but even if they did it would be kinda corny to give the same group the gas face two weeks in a row.

Then there were a few on twitter that said that Jay-Z and B going to Cuba deserved it. They gave good cause. I mean Cuba is still a communist state ran by a murderous dictator and their people are suffering. I am not sure why Jay went and why he would walk the streets like he was an ambassador of good will but he is Jay and I might need to do business with him so he gets a pass LOL. Plus his new single “Open Letter” is fire.

So, by public demand—and the power of course lies with the people—this weeks Gas Face Friday recipient is…


That Brad Paisley duet record is the worst record I have ever heard in my life. So that we’re clear, I don’t excuse or forget Do Rags, Red Flags, or bad raps. Brad Paisley might have had some success with hip hop using Luda a few years back (a record written by my dude Colt Ford) but that does not mean that lightning would strike twice and not with an emcee that has not made a significant record in, what? Ten years?

Look, I am glad that LL loves hip hop. He could have easily called himself James Todd Smith at this point and Ladies would still Love Cool James. He kept it classic keeping the LL name. That means that we still claim him. You know that to be true. But keeping the name means you don’t need to keep rapping. In fact he should just never rap again and that’s ok. He gave us plenty of great years as an emcee. Now it is ok for you to let go bro. Just drop the mic, you shouldn’t be holdin’ it (thanks Rakim).

What’s your opinion? We’d like to know.


P.S. The reason it’s the Birthday edition is my first born turned 19 today. I am very thankful that my wife had the strength and energy to bring her into the world today. I love you, Hannah (inside family joke).

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