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Gas Face to the Boston Bombers?

As I sit to write this, I thought it was blatantly obvious who should get the gas face. The gutless brothers who bombed the Boston Marathon. The pain that this country has felt and the amount of information of those who were lost and injured makes us sad / angry / sorry and thankful that this was not worse. From all reports they seemed to be living the dream—Able to defect from a communist country to be students, even potentially the older brother, a Golden Gloves winner, boxing in the Olympics for the USA. There are no signs that these two were not enjoying the American dream. They had freedom to learn, to live, to grow, and even the freedom to build a bomb and kill innocent people and injure over 200. As I type this, they are still looking for the younger brother, Jaffar, who was last seen in his old hood. I heard his aunt and uncle speak today. They are a broken family, ashamed to be associated with them and the uncle calling them “losers.” You could hear the pain and confusion about the whole thing in their voices. Freedom can be a dangerous thing sometimes, but even with this incident I would prefer to live here than any other country in the world. I hope that no other police or civilians are injured moving forward.

But something else quietly crept under the wire that will also have lingering effects on this country. It is for those who allow political bullies to push back a basic and sensible notion of increasing safety. So even though my heart is with those in Beantown, and those who were so dispicable, I feel that the Gas Face this week also goes to….

The US Senate who did not pass the gun background check law.

Our country is basically owned by four large groups: Monsanto, Corn, Big Oil and the NRA. I recently found out that the highest paid lobbyists in the country are those who handle the NRA. This once very sensible organization that simply was created to protect the rights for Americans to “Bear Arms” are now a radical right wing machine hell-bent on looking past the obvious holes in the system so that they can kill animals with an assault rifle and while they’re at it, allow a person to carry a gun who could be a criminal without a simple and basic national background check. Also, it should be noted that in trying to pass this bill, those with sense in their heads even agreed to continue to allow persons to buy guns without even I.D. at gun shows?!?! Really, these gun shows are literally a way for criminals to cop guns for cash with nothing but a kind wink and a thank you from the arms dealer. They thought this for sure would get this bill passed into law but ’twas not strong enough for those who believe that protecting the innocent who won’t carry guns is not in the best interest of ‘Merica.

So while we search for one, we are left to search for thousands in the future who will kill with a gun bought in the good ol’ USA.

Please let you voice be heard.

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