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Gas Face Friday: Lazy Edition

This week has been a tough one, so I am giving the gas face to all those out there that make hasty decisions and then blame you for the plan not being executed. I have dealt with one client this week who would not listen to reason, decided he knew better than me, did what he wanted to do and when it failed blamed me. You lazy, lousy P.O.S. Next time just let me do what I was born to do—beside hold mics—and let me build your brand. If you try to besmirch my name, you feel the Karma of seven years of the worst luck of your life.

I am sure there are more deserving people in the world who should get it more, but just so we are clear, I needed to vent and get this off my chest.

I am going to leave it to you to decide who deserves the Gas Face for this Friday. Tweet it to me at @MCSerch, or post in the comments here. I will announce the winner based on your responses later on.

Carry on

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