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Wasting Time

The travel edition.

I am about to eat at my favorite restaurant in NY, Brooklyn Diner. When I had my office in Nueva York, it was down the block from the Diner and pretty much every lunch was spent in the back left booth with clients, associates, colleagues and dear friends. If you get a chance to be in NY and want to sit at my booth ask for Alexis and tell him to sit you in the Serchlite booth. Shout to Thembisa Mshaka who shares her name there as well.

I have been running crazy since landing in ahe Apple since 9am and getting ready to watch the Knicks game with my friend and artist, Sneakas, and I had some time to reflect on who deserved the Gas Face this Friday. To be honest, the Gas Face does not go to a who as much as a what for this week. I want to give the gas face to: wasting time.

I have lived outside of NY now for ten years, and when I come back and go to back-to-back meetings and hop from train to cab to hoof to paw—lol—I realize that so many of us just waste our days spinning our wheels and do nothing. We wait for life to happen and don’t involve ourselves in the work needed to succeed. I was at a meeting at Complex Media today and saw my old friend Rich Antenello, the CEO, and there were two profound things that happened while I was in his office. One was that I noticed a sign that said the following: “You know who doesn’t mind losing? Losers!!” The next was what he said at the close of our meeting. “You know what I hate more than losing is not trying.”

Ecko is successful because thought goes into everything they try. They hire the best people and make them earn their keep. They don’t waste time with people who do not want to put in the effort. It motivated my day to walk out of that meeting with so much energy and drive.

I personally have wasted too much time on things that now do nothing for me—that have not created profound growth and learning. It is why I tolerate so little now. If you are part of my team, you work. You don’t work, you don’t eat. It is very simple. Maybe it’s because I am nearing the second half of my life that my need to make the most of every moment pushes me to do and learn more. To see and be more. To not waste any more energy on things or people who do not benefit me.

Don’t waste time, my friends. Don’t waste the precious time you have left. Time is the one thing we never get back.

Thank you NY for giving me a boost when I needed it.

And thanks to the doctors at Long Island Jewish who take care of my mom. You are not wasting your time helping her enjoy the years she has left.

Love is love,

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