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The Election Edition Gas Face

Hey. Let me start by saying that putting together the show on July 12th has been tough. What song should we start with? What is the order? Shout out to Richie Rich, who has been a lot of fun talking to and setting up the show. If you are in NY, I would strongly suggest getting your tickets now. The venue fits 600 and tickets are going fast.

That being said…

The Gas Face this week goes to: The Supreme Court decision on cutting the Civil Rights voting law

My verse of the week came from Justice Ginsburg, who likened the verdict to “getting rid of an umbrella in a rainstorm because you’re not getting wet.”

Does the court not know about all the dirty tricks that happen in the black community? The tampering and the misdirection and this ridiculous attempt to ask for additional ID? Justice Roberts thinks we are living in a “drastically different time” now than we are since the ’60s, and that is true, but it does not mean that civil rights should go unprotected. And now things are far from even.

What the tricks that now come from those Red States.

It only means we will have to come back around in the near future.


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