Kick 'Em in the Grill

The “Really??” Edition

What up?
I hope this finds you all well. I would like to give the gas face this week to people who made me stop and listen (or look) like these people must think we are truly a land of idiots.

My examples:

The Weiner. Really dude you did not learn the first time that if you are in the public eye your Weiner would not come for the ride. Dude just focus on running your social media porn site and not NY.

Juror B29. Really?!? You think Zimmerman got away with murder?!? Where was this fervor in the jury room or were you overwhelmed by evidence that “the boy” as B37 called him, was so guilty you could not persuade the other five to see it your way? Too late, sister, keep it to yourself.

On a personal note:

Really?!? Promoters who want 3rd Bass to do shows for a plane ticket and some pizza? We did not wait 13 years to reunite to be treated like we just came out in ’88 and need to prove ourselves. We rocked in Brooklyn—just look at YouTube. Classic material only gets better with time, and that costs money.

Have a great night people and you stay classy, San Diego.


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