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Gas Face Given to Riley Cooper of the Philadelphia Eagles

Todays Gas Face Friday goes out to….

Riley CooperRiley Cooper of the Philadelphia Eagles

Ok, so we all know a few things:

  1. Many people use the “N” word
  2. Many black people use the “N” word and it has no bias or negativity with it when they use it (this is not in all cases, but most, agreed?)
  3. Many white and other types of racist use the word in the most derogatory way possible and we then say it we then go “Yeah but they are racists so we expect that”
  4. That there are white people who grew up in predominantly black communities and in their small circle of black friends feel comfortable using the “N” word and it was no racial connotation whatsoever (If you were unaware of this small fact then SURPRISE)
  5. That there are people who are of color who will never use the word in any way shape or form because of the power the word has

So where does Riley Cooper fit in? He claims that he used poor judgement in an altercation with security at the Kenny Chesney concert. So can we keep it 100 here for one second? Please be clear: I AM NOT CONDONING AND GRANTING AN EXCUSE TO RILEY FOR HIS WORDS OR ACTIONS. How many people of color have tossed a few back, walked where they probably shouldn’t, feel entitled, get into it with a very large man of color with a security shirt on and when provoked start talking about kicking someone ass in this bitch? Man, if I had a dollar for every concert I have been to with a friend who was bothered by over zealous security who told them they were going to F&*K them up, I would have a few dollars in my hand. So, we have here a Country Boy with too much to drink who gets into it and lets some street ish fall from his lips. Where does he fall in the list above? Some of you have got to this point in the blog, or whatever this is and are already saying that I am giving him a pass. THAT IS NOT THE CASE!!!! What I am asking is, is it possible for more evolved people like ourselves (I hope) who watched the tape, saw his apology and said that this is just something stupid he did and does not reflect who he is as a person? Think about this: he plays football, so he is exposed to people of color all his life. He has showered, suited up and protected his teammates and inflicted pain on others. He plays a brutal sport that—more than likely—when his career is done will leave him with permanent physical damage to his body. These black athletes around him are from all walks of life. They are people just like him and they have more than likely used that term in the huddle when they were pointing out who they were going to hit on the field. I have been fortunate enough to sit close to the field watching the Jets get beat by the Ravens, and heard the great future hall of famer Ray Lewis say to a white offensive lineman on the Jets after he floored him “Welcome to the field, nigga.” AND THE GUY WAS WHITE.

So does he get a pass? Hell no. That does not make him a racist does it?

Just think about it for a second.

And think about all the racial slurs that you have used in your life.

Does that make you a racist?

Riley Cooper is a stupid head. He is an athlete who makes millions of dollars a season to play football and is entitled.

I mean he probably is a racist, but I figure this was at least something to think about?

Don’t you think?

I mean, I think he is a racist, but I wanted to be able to at least try to look at it from one other perspective.

Please discuss

Thanks to all at the National Association of Black Journalist who invited me and my family to enjoy their Convention last night. I had a blast and felt very welcomed.

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