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Gas Face to the US Government Shutdown

What up, peoples? I hope this finds you well. My man, Pumice T, who holds me down on all my social media, has been asking me to make sure I live up to my word and post a Gas Face Friday every week. He will send me texts and emails asking me what I am going to be talking about today. He is good people and we all need someone to push us when we really don’t want to push ourselves. So, this Gas Face, I would like to give once again to those idiots that claim to have our best interest at heart, those who we need to not only push but push out, our elected officials.

Listen, this shutdown—to me—is no longer a Democrat/Republican problem. It is a class problem. While these elitist—who, by the way, are still getting paid while hundreds of thousands of government employees have to apply for 1,000 dollar government-assisted loans just to keep the lights on—wait for those who we elected to get it right. This is a class issue. If they were not getting paid then this would have been solved in a day. They have no issue in hurting others because they have no real skin in the game, even though the game is politics, which we voted them in to play (GO Figure). They can continue to play cat and mouse with our President while they eat at Capital Grille enjoying 200 dollar bottles of wine and 50 dollar steaks.

I went to Starbucks today with my son to get an iced coffee, and I look over and he is signing something. I was going to tell him to stop until I looked over and saw what it was. It was a generated petition by Starbucks to tell the government to get their act together and to stop hurting those who need this country to run again. I was so proud of my son, because as he said to me after I came over to him to see what was up, “Dad, if we don’t let them know how we feel, they will let this go on.” He is right.

I ask that all of you do one thing this week. Find out who your local representative is, what their facebook page is, and tell them about themselves. Tell their selfish, ignorant, self-important self to get their collected asses out there and represent the people who put them there. Or better yet, let’s vote them out and start from scratch.

Thoughts people? Hit me up on Twitter (@MCSerch), and let me know what you think.
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