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Gas Face to the US Government Shutdown

What up, peoples? I hope this finds you well. My man, Pumice T, who holds me down on all my social media, has been asking me to make sure I live up to my word and post a Gas Face Friday every week. He will send me texts and emails asking me what I am going to be talking about today. He is good people and we all need someone to push us when we really don’t want to push ourselves. So, this Gas Face, I would like to give once again to those idiots that claim to have our best interest at heart, those who we need to not only push but push out, our elected officials.

Listen, this shutdown—to me—is no longer a Democrat/Republican problem. It is a class problem. While these elitist—who, by the way, are still getting paid while hundreds of thousands of government employees have to apply for 1,000 dollar government-assisted loans just to keep the lights on—wait for those who we elected to get it right. This is a class issue. If they were not getting paid then this would have been solved in a day. They have no issue in hurting others because they have no real skin in the game, even though the game is politics, which we voted them in to play (GO Figure). They can continue to play cat and mouse with our President while they eat at Capital Grille enjoying 200 dollar bottles of wine and 50 dollar steaks.

I went to Starbucks today with my son to get an iced coffee, and I look over and he is signing something. I was going to tell him to stop until I looked over and saw what it was. It was a generated petition by Starbucks to tell the government to get their act together and to stop hurting those who need this country to run again. I was so proud of my son, because as he said to me after I came over to him to see what was up, “Dad, if we don’t let them know how we feel, they will let this go on.” He is right.

I ask that all of you do one thing this week. Find out who your local representative is, what their facebook page is, and tell them about themselves. Tell their selfish, ignorant, self-important self to get their collected asses out there and represent the people who put them there. Or better yet, let’s vote them out and start from scratch.

Thoughts people? Hit me up on Twitter (@MCSerch), and let me know what you think.
Love is Love

Gas Face to the Crazies

Happy Friday. I would like to give the Gas Face this week to the crazies. Those who bring guns the elementary schools and want to kill children, to those who set themselves on fire in shopping malls. Those crazies who shut down the government and put hundreds of thousands of people out of work, while they still collect a check and do nothing. Those crazies who claim they are for this country but only for their own selfish reason. The nut jobs who put others at risk because they fear that talking to someone about their issues might sound crazy if they say them out loud.

People, we not only need national healthcare, we need national and obtainable therapy. We need to not be afraid to share our innermost crazy with another person who can calmly—as only an advisor can—tell us what might be wrong with our thinking.

I’m not sure that mental health is covered under the Healthcare Act, but I think it should be mandatory for all people to have the freedom—and ability—to talk to a therapist. Not a clergy, and not a friend. We all have those in our life. I am talking about a licensed professional, at least once a week for 90 minutes, who has no emotional allegiance to us who can dissect our crazy.

It is so disappointing how therapy is perceived to some. The thing I love most about going to my therapist is that no matter how much I feel like I got the answer, he can quickly give me another viewpoint to consider. I walk away from my sessions knowing that because of them I am closer to living a full life. A happy life. I might not be all the way there to that life, but I am closer than I was before the session.

We cannot control the crazy. Those who are ill will do things that we will not understand, or that we find repulsive. We can—in those moments of shock and awe—take a moment and think about who you need to help you.

Find someone, or the next line I write might be about you.

Love is love,

Gas Face to Big Sean

Greetings to one and all. I hope this finds you well.

So, Kendrick has set the rap game on its mic this week. I don’t remember a verse creating this much noise since Either, and a rapper has not called out so many emcees since 50 Cent “How To Rob.”

Kendrick not only called out his contemporaries, but did it on someone else’s record, and then called out the rapper on his own record. That’s why this week Gas Face Friday goes to: Big Sean.

bigseanDude, how can you allow another dude to call you out on your own record? And what makes it worse is that you knew he was doing and did nothing?!? And then what makes it even worse is that when asked why you didn’t change your verse, you said that to change it would not have been “G”. Really?!?! So it’s G to get dissed on your own record? When did that become “G”?

Here is what is so not G: Not stepping up your verse. Not allowing yourself the opportunity to body that dude on your own track. Lets talk music business and step away from the emcee part.

You, Sean, are having a tough time getting fans excited about your album. You have put out several singles that have gotten a mediocre response. So you figure that you will put out something that would create some buzz for your album. For YOUR album. But in the game of emcee you are only as good as your last verse and the guy who had the best verse was Kendrick. No one is talking about you. All the talk is about the verse Kendrick dropped, but all the responses have been about the replies. Dude, the first person who should have responded should have been you!

In one week, Sean, you broke so many G codes that you are barred from using the term for a year.

And did I mention that Sean is from Detroit?!?! Dude…

That’s all I got. I am going to bed.

Gas Face Given to Riley Cooper of the Philadelphia Eagles

Todays Gas Face Friday goes out to….

Riley CooperRiley Cooper of the Philadelphia Eagles

Ok, so we all know a few things:

  1. Many people use the “N” word
  2. Many black people use the “N” word and it has no bias or negativity with it when they use it (this is not in all cases, but most, agreed?)
  3. Many white and other types of racist use the word in the most derogatory way possible and we then say it we then go “Yeah but they are racists so we expect that”
  4. That there are white people who grew up in predominantly black communities and in their small circle of black friends feel comfortable using the “N” word and it was no racial connotation whatsoever (If you were unaware of this small fact then SURPRISE)
  5. That there are people who are of color who will never use the word in any way shape or form because of the power the word has

So where does Riley Cooper fit in? He claims that he used poor judgement in an altercation with security at the Kenny Chesney concert. So can we keep it 100 here for one second? Please be clear: I AM NOT CONDONING AND GRANTING AN EXCUSE TO RILEY FOR HIS WORDS OR ACTIONS. How many people of color have tossed a few back, walked where they probably shouldn’t, feel entitled, get into it with a very large man of color with a security shirt on and when provoked start talking about kicking someone ass in this bitch? Man, if I had a dollar for every concert I have been to with a friend who was bothered by over zealous security who told them they were going to F&*K them up, I would have a few dollars in my hand. So, we have here a Country Boy with too much to drink who gets into it and lets some street ish fall from his lips. Where does he fall in the list above? Some of you have got to this point in the blog, or whatever this is and are already saying that I am giving him a pass. THAT IS NOT THE CASE!!!! What I am asking is, is it possible for more evolved people like ourselves (I hope) who watched the tape, saw his apology and said that this is just something stupid he did and does not reflect who he is as a person? Think about this: he plays football, so he is exposed to people of color all his life. He has showered, suited up and protected his teammates and inflicted pain on others. He plays a brutal sport that—more than likely—when his career is done will leave him with permanent physical damage to his body. These black athletes around him are from all walks of life. They are people just like him and they have more than likely used that term in the huddle when they were pointing out who they were going to hit on the field. I have been fortunate enough to sit close to the field watching the Jets get beat by the Ravens, and heard the great future hall of famer Ray Lewis say to a white offensive lineman on the Jets after he floored him “Welcome to the field, nigga.” AND THE GUY WAS WHITE.

So does he get a pass? Hell no. That does not make him a racist does it?

Just think about it for a second.

And think about all the racial slurs that you have used in your life.

Does that make you a racist?

Riley Cooper is a stupid head. He is an athlete who makes millions of dollars a season to play football and is entitled.

I mean he probably is a racist, but I figure this was at least something to think about?

Don’t you think?

I mean, I think he is a racist, but I wanted to be able to at least try to look at it from one other perspective.

Please discuss

Thanks to all at the National Association of Black Journalist who invited me and my family to enjoy their Convention last night. I had a blast and felt very welcomed.

The “Really??” Edition

What up?
I hope this finds you all well. I would like to give the gas face this week to people who made me stop and listen (or look) like these people must think we are truly a land of idiots.

My examples:

The Weiner. Really dude you did not learn the first time that if you are in the public eye your Weiner would not come for the ride. Dude just focus on running your social media porn site and not NY.

Juror B29. Really?!? You think Zimmerman got away with murder?!? Where was this fervor in the jury room or were you overwhelmed by evidence that “the boy” as B37 called him, was so guilty you could not persuade the other five to see it your way? Too late, sister, keep it to yourself.

On a personal note:

Really?!? Promoters who want 3rd Bass to do shows for a plane ticket and some pizza? We did not wait 13 years to reunite to be treated like we just came out in ’88 and need to prove ourselves. We rocked in Brooklyn—just look at YouTube. Classic material only gets better with time, and that costs money.

Have a great night people and you stay classy, San Diego.


Gas Face to the Zimmerman Jury

My wife and Good Morning America pointed this out, and it’s worth noting:
When juror B37 was interviewed by Anderson Cooper, she referred to George Zimmerman as “Mr Zimmerman.” She referred to Trayvon Martin as “That Boy.”

Gas Face bonus goes to protestors who use this verdict as an excuse to be violent.

And can someone else besides Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton please represent black leadership? Cue Kevin Powell please.

I love this country and hate this verdict—and yes, you can do both.

The Election Edition Gas Face

Hey. Let me start by saying that putting together the show on July 12th has been tough. What song should we start with? What is the order? Shout out to Richie Rich, who has been a lot of fun talking to and setting up the show. If you are in NY, I would strongly suggest getting your tickets now. The venue fits 600 and tickets are going fast.

That being said…

The Gas Face this week goes to: The Supreme Court decision on cutting the Civil Rights voting law

My verse of the week came from Justice Ginsburg, who likened the verdict to “getting rid of an umbrella in a rainstorm because you’re not getting wet.”

Does the court not know about all the dirty tricks that happen in the black community? The tampering and the misdirection and this ridiculous attempt to ask for additional ID? Justice Roberts thinks we are living in a “drastically different time” now than we are since the ’60s, and that is true, but it does not mean that civil rights should go unprotected. And now things are far from even.

What the tricks that now come from those Red States.

It only means we will have to come back around in the near future.


Eye Spy

Gas Face Friday
The Eye Spy Edition

I hope this finds you well. I am still coming down from my vacation high from my trip to Alaska. Being on a cruise ship in what’s truly America’s final frontier was something I had been looking forward to since I was much younger. I would like to admit something to you that I have not shared with many. Until my trip there, I was a steadfast believer that we should “Drill Baby Drill” to get to that sweet Alaskan crude buried beneath the seas. Anything to break the grasp of foreign oil around our necks. After seeing that beautiful country and that wildlife—from Killer whales cresting the breaks, to humpbacks whales to bald eagles and elk and deer and even big fat squirrels—I have decided that even if there was a frog’s hair of a chance that there could be human era which could ruin the ecosystem, it is too great a risk. I should have remembered BP in the Gulf, but I needed to see it with my own eyes. My friends, it is amazing country and I strongly suggest visiting our 50th state on your bucket list.

When I got back, I did what most people who were away from civilization do: I tweeted. I asked people in 140 characters or less to catch me up on the weeks events, and that is when I heard. So the Gas Face Friday for this week has to go to:

The Gov’t, for reading all my emails.

Well maybe not all, but probably the dirty ones.

The danger of our lives living in the cloud is that we don’t really know who is out there. We read like everyone else about how safe our information is protected and then we find out that Uncle Sam has all of our passwords in his Rolodex. (Uncle Sam is old and still uses an antiquated Rolodex even in today’s computer age. I like the image.)

Is nothing sacred?!? Can’t I send my emails in peace? Not when there is imminent threat to our security. What is that threat? In my emails to my dad about how great Mia’s grades were, are there secret hidden messages to the mortal enemies of the state? (My daughter’s “A” in math stands for ANARCHY.)

And did you see the server they are building in Utah? 5 hexahertz or as I like to think of it, “triple infinity of memory for all the stuff the gov’t plans to save from our conversations” is worrysome. First off, how are we paying for this, and why is it necessary? Do they really need to save all the kitten videos on YouTube?

I don’t know guys, but this is one of these moments where I wish George Orwell was alive just so he could point into the camera and say “I TOLD YOU SO.” (If you don’t get the George Orwell joke please read 1984.)

Glad to be home even though I no longer look at my computer the same way.


Youth “Fashion”

Gas face Friday is given to the dude I just saw who was using several multi colored shoes laces as a belt.

Seriously, I have to put my foot down on this one. I let dudes wearing jeggings go for a minute, but that is taking it too far.

I was going to smack this kid but a friend told me to chill.

Fashion needs to make a u turn for these young people.

I’m done.

Happy Mothers Day

Wasting Time

The travel edition.

I am about to eat at my favorite restaurant in NY, Brooklyn Diner. When I had my office in Nueva York, it was down the block from the Diner and pretty much every lunch was spent in the back left booth with clients, associates, colleagues and dear friends. If you get a chance to be in NY and want to sit at my booth ask for Alexis and tell him to sit you in the Serchlite booth. Shout to Thembisa Mshaka who shares her name there as well.

I have been running crazy since landing in ahe Apple since 9am and getting ready to watch the Knicks game with my friend and artist, Sneakas, and I had some time to reflect on who deserved the Gas Face this Friday. To be honest, the Gas Face does not go to a who as much as a what for this week. I want to give the gas face to: wasting time.

I have lived outside of NY now for ten years, and when I come back and go to back-to-back meetings and hop from train to cab to hoof to paw—lol—I realize that so many of us just waste our days spinning our wheels and do nothing. We wait for life to happen and don’t involve ourselves in the work needed to succeed. I was at a meeting at Complex Media today and saw my old friend Rich Antenello, the CEO, and there were two profound things that happened while I was in his office. One was that I noticed a sign that said the following: “You know who doesn’t mind losing? Losers!!” The next was what he said at the close of our meeting. “You know what I hate more than losing is not trying.”

Ecko is successful because thought goes into everything they try. They hire the best people and make them earn their keep. They don’t waste time with people who do not want to put in the effort. It motivated my day to walk out of that meeting with so much energy and drive.

I personally have wasted too much time on things that now do nothing for me—that have not created profound growth and learning. It is why I tolerate so little now. If you are part of my team, you work. You don’t work, you don’t eat. It is very simple. Maybe it’s because I am nearing the second half of my life that my need to make the most of every moment pushes me to do and learn more. To see and be more. To not waste any more energy on things or people who do not benefit me.

Don’t waste time, my friends. Don’t waste the precious time you have left. Time is the one thing we never get back.

Thank you NY for giving me a boost when I needed it.

And thanks to the doctors at Long Island Jewish who take care of my mom. You are not wasting your time helping her enjoy the years she has left.

Love is love,